Teen Titans: Broken Youth


When the Titans East go missing, the Teen Titans begin to investigate the whereabouts of their friends. What our five heroes don’t know, is that they stumbled into the biggest mission of their lives.

Teen Titans: Broken Youth is a fan comic that continues the story of Teen Titans (2003) after their adventures in Tokyo. It follows Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy as they face their biggest challenge yet…transitioning into adulthood. As well as learning what it means to be heroes of Earth.

Created¬†and written by Jessica Dotson, and art done by Rayne Fife. It’s a love letter the show we both loved growing up. Wanting to give ourselves and the fans of it a story to¬†bring back our favorite heroes!

Contact: jessicadotson94@gmail.com